A Few Words on the History of the CEENIS
(Central & Eastern European Network of Indian Studies)

In September 2005 (15-17 September), the Department of South Asian Studies (Institute of Oriental Studies, Warsaw University), in cooperation with the Embassy of India in Poland and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (New Delhi) organised the 1st Central and Eastern European Indological Conference on Regional Cooperation at Warsaw University (for more details, see the conference volume: D. Stasik and A. Trynkowska (eds), "Teaching on India in Central and Eastern Europe. Contributions to the 1st Central & Eastern European Indological Conference on Regional Cooperation". Warszawa, Dom Wydawniczy Elipsa, 2007). This conference was an indirect result of yet another conference – the All-Poland Indological Conference that took place at Warsaw University in April 2004 (for more details, see the conference volume: D. Stasik and A. Trynkowska (eds), "India in Warsaw. A Volume to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Post-War History of Indological Studies at Warsaw University (2003/2004)". Warszawa, Dom Wydawniczy Elipsa, 2006), during and after which an irresistible feeling was born that a similar gathering of scholars, this time not only from Poland but from the whole region, would prove an exceptional occasion for exchanging Indological expertise and finding the ways it could be shared in the regular academic work of the Central and Eastern European academic institutions. This idea, since it had been first put forward to HE the Ambassador of India, Mr. Anil Wadhwa, and the Counsellor of the Indian Embassy, Mr. Vinay Kumar, was accepted with deep understanding and with time, we may say, it found in them both untiring supporters and advocates.

The text of the conference report, which by now has become a historical document (see it on this site), was sent to all the participants and to the Government of India via the Indian Embassy in Poland in 2005. One year later, in 2006, it was also publicised to the participants of the 2nd Central and Eastern European Indological Conference: New Perspectives on Education about India, organised by the Centre of Oriental Studies of Vilnius University in Lithuania (23-26 August 2006). The participants of the Vilnius conference, during the closing session, in fact repeating the majority of the proposals put forward during the Warsaw conference, reached unanimous consent that there was an overwhelming need to establish a body responsible for their final implementation. As a result, the Central and Eastern European Network of Indian Studies was set up with Prof. Danuta Stasik as its international coordinator. Once again the untiring support of HE Mr. Anil Wadhwa made it possible to create this website.

It has to be stressed that it is a great pleasure to observe how ideas materialise in life and with time reach further and further, sometimes even much further than ever expected by their originators.